Yoga shala Leela was founded in September 2010 by yoga lovers and practitioners with a desire to acquaint yoga with the citizens of Zadar and get it closer to them. Practising yoga, introducing knowledge and principles of yoga in our own lives as the way of living and observing the changes in health improvement of our own body and of mind calmness, life quality improvement in all areas, a desire was born to transmit acquired knowledge to others in order to feel the benefits of yoga in everyday situations and life in complete.

In the times of more stressful life, faster and unhealthier tempo of living that we are all exposed to, yoga is given to us as ancient knowledge from the East which helps us bring our lives in balance with nature, ourselves, returning us to ourselves,which results in healthier, happier and more qualitative life.


Anita Buterin

In 2003 met yoga, since then yoga has become the path she has been pacing and inspires her every day.
In 2009 she finished TTGaia yoga school in Zagreb and in 2010 the basic Thai-yoga massage by Davor Haber through which she deepens her knowledge about anatomy and assistances. Continuous wish for further learning led her to a new way, so in 2014 she finished extra 300 lessons in Om yoga school by Snježana Nina Vukas,the programme focused on Vinyasa Flow yoga. In 2016 she finished 50 hours Yin yoga TT by Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier. In 2017 she finished 50 hours Budokon Yoga Teacher Training by Cameron Shayne, founder of Budokon University and BDK Academy, teacher of Martial Arts, Yoga, Calisthenics and Animal Locomotion. Besides Yoga Anita started studying Bach Flower Essences and finished two levels of Bach International Education Program. Throughout her education,living and practising yoga, Anita has been learning by extraordinary yoga teachers as Marco Bianco, Sandra D. Bianco, Snježana Nina Vukas, Jadranko Miklec, Twee Merrigan, Neil Barker, Javier Castro, Lea Lončar, Gabriela Božić, Kino McGregor, Dylan Werner, Cameron and Melayne Shayne and many others she is grateful to, for unselfish transmitting their knowledge. 2018. is attending Mobility training in Miami by Cameron and Melayne Shayne. In 2019. she finished the second modul of Yin yoga TT by Sebastiana Pucelle i Murielle Burellier.

Jelena Jadreško

Stimulated by some life circumstances in 2005 she discovered yoga practice which has completely changed her way of life.

As yoga became more and more important in her life,in 2010 she started together with Anita Leela as a natural sequence of happenings because she wanted yoga and all its possibilities she experienced by herself to be available to others.

In 2013 she finished TTGaia yoga school in Zagreb 200 lessons of education – RYT 200.Since then she has been running yoga classes in yoga shala Leela and keeps on acquiring knowledge about yoga from different teachers to make it possible to her students to start their own changes.

Paolo Tičina

After playing professional basketball for long years, attempts of injury sanations caused by professional sport brought him in the first contact with yoga.

After years of experimenting with yoga on his own, he came to yoga shala Leela and instantly fell in love with Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga.
A year of everyday dedicated practice stimulated him to enrol in TT Gaia yoga school in Zagreb,200 lessons of education RYT – 200,which he still has been attending. At the beginning of 2015 he started running yoga classes in yoga shala Leela with everyday personal dedicated practice and acquiring knowledge about yoga.

Maja Pipić

When she was a child, she was drawn to the word yoga, it sounded magically to her.

The first encounter with yoga was through instructions for the Five Tibetan Rites and Sun Salutation downloaded from the Internet in the late 90-ies. Few years later she started practicing yoga in a studio in Zagreb and yoga became an essential part of her life, inspiring her to learn more about yoga philosophy and practice, but also to get to know herself better. In 2012, she enrolled Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) in Gaia yoga school in Zagreb. Yoga encourages her to live healthy and joyful life.

Lea Blaslov

After many years of experience working as a Pilates instructor and a variety of fitness programmes, in 2012 she began to discover yoga and found joy in it.

That same year she started a four- year study of Vedic Yoga by Jadranko Miklec. During 600-hours Teacher Training Course recognized by the European Yoga Federation and the World movement for yoga and Ayurveda she acquired diplomas as Yoga assistant, Yoga instructor and Yoga technician. She has been improving her knowledge about yoga attending educational seminars and workshops by the world recognized teachers as Javier Castro, Meghan Currie, Kino McGregor, Lea Lončar, etc. She has been improving her practice attending regular classes of ashtanga and vinyasa in Leela Yoga studio where professionalism, creativity and the energy of the people who run and visit the studio stimulate her to devoted work and development. She is extremely grateful to her teacher Jadranko Miklec who taught her the method TM, the techniques of pranayama, yoga philosophy and everything else.